Saturday, 11 August 2012

Patricia Martin Knitwear

Do you like knitting? 

Do you read Knit Now?

Or surf Ravelry?

If you do you have probably come across fabulous up and coming knitwear designer Patricia Martin, custodian of the sink-into-it-and-sigh-with-relief loveliness that is the Unwinding Slowly blog.  Pop on over and take a look - you'll love it.  I should know I designed the header.

Her designs are inspired by architecture, look like lace and are named for literature; she can do delicacy, she can do vibrancy.  She's a talent.  She's also my sister.   Somehow how that quick fingered knitting gene bypassed my completely, but the fairy of knitwear waved a wand over Patricia's crib.

Anyways, over the last couple of weeks I've had the great pleasure of snapping some of her latest designs.  Here are a few images of my favourite model messing with the goodies.  Next week, I will post images of the designer herself.  She is just as beautiful as her designs.

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