Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Want a free photoshoot? Look no further...

It's been a busy, busy time the last few months. Too busy to blog, too busy for business. I've made a decision not to take any new commercial wedding bookings for the next twelve months so I can keep life happily balanced and under control.


I am keen to keep my creative juices flowing and I am interested in collaborating with other creative professionals on some specific projects:

1. Fashion and Knitwear photography. I've hugely enjoyed the photoshoots for Little Girl Pirate photoshoot for Imogen's Wardrobe and the knitwear photoshoot for Patricia Clift my nearly famous knitwear designing sister, and I'm interested in doing more. I'm looking for people who have handmade crafts or clothes, who are keen to collaborate on photoshoots. No fees, and you get a disk of the images. It's just for fun.

2. Historical reproduction photography. I'm looking for people who make pre-20th century reproduction clothes or costumes - Regency, Georgian,Victorian, Elizabethan, from Dangerous Liaisons to Pride and Prejudice. Clothes like the ones featured in this Flickr group. If you would like to show them off in a professional style photoshoot, get in touch. This is for fun, but I would also like the option of using the images in book cover designs (credited of course).

The rules:

1. You need to be in Edinburgh, or willing to travel to Edinburgh

2. I own the images, but you will have a disk of high resolution edited images with a waiver saying you can use them as you wish

3. It's got to be fun!

If you're interested in collaborating in either of these areas over the next year, please do get in touch!

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