Sunday, 9 January 2011

A little more elfishness

Thanks to the fact Father Christmas brought me a Kindle, I have been exploring new directions in my reading habits and have immersed myself in the wonderful world of Science Fiction and Fantasy (much of which can be found as free Kindle downloads, for those who might be interested).

The combination of my reading matter along with the arrival of the wonderful hoods from my talented sister (see earlier post) inspired me to try my hand at some elf inspired imagery. These images have been draganized (inspired by Andrzej Dragan) in Lightroom, had the blacks and the red channel tweaked in lightroom (using curves), two layers applied (one turquoise fill and one texture) and a slight vignette added. The results are quite ethereal and, I hope, elvish with a sci fi twist!

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FrancescPhoto said...

Excellent and original shots!!! Salut!!

Francesc, Barcelona