Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Imogen's Wardrobe - The Launch

I often think that starting a new business is a bit like having a baby - there's an incubation period with a fair bit of discomfort and a lot dreaming, anticipating and organising - and then there is the birth! Just as Beth Cameron's gorgeous girl Imogen is about to turn three, her new baby Imogen's Wardrobe is about to be launched. Imogen's Wardrobe's first collection is called Little Girl Pirate and sails with bucaneering beauty on a sea of vintage lace, handprinted cotton and organic denim. Every detail is delicious, from the upcycled silk applique through to the pretty shell buttons. There is even an adorable range of accessories, for the piratical pigtail. It was a huge pleasure shooting the photography for Beth's first collection - the images have been used in her brochure and catalogue as seen below.

Imogen's Wardrobe will launch at Bright Grey's Spa Spectacular in aid of Maggie's Cancer Centre on 6 October.

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