Sunday, 29 August 2010

Behind the scenes at the Little Girl Pirate Shoot

I thought it might be fun to do a quick behind the scenes tour of today's Imogen's Wardrobe photoshoot. The shoot was about capturing some promotional pictures for the Imogen's Wardrobe upcoming Little Girl Pirate Collection, so the concept was... piratical! Beth (the talent behind the label) had scoured the seven seas for pirate hats and materials and fashioned some marvellous wooden cutlasses with her own fair hands. Our first two models, Imogen and Cora were very excited about being pirates and scrambled into their gorgeous little girl pirate dresses with great enthusiam. Ellie, our lovely red-head was less keen - and even the lure of wearing a pink taffeta petticoat and getting a lovely treat failed to win her over!

And then there were two...

Despite her lack of pirate fervour, Ellie stayed around to cheer us on though and chased those pirate girls round and round the promenade. Their friend Will and his mum Aly stopped by too to say hello to the little girl pirates and to try a cutlass out for size.

Portobello makes a fantastic setting for shoots like this - our merry models can run around without any restrictions, the sand acts as a great golden reflector and the sea and sky make for a gorgeous blue-streaked backdrop. Unfortunately for us, the wind picked up and the clouds rolled in and soon our pirates were shivering their timbers.

We made for a quick exit - luckily Beth had had the forethought to provide delicious hot chocolate and buttered rolls, so our pirates were able to restore themselves before returning to their rollicking ways.

The key to shoots like this is to make them into a great big game - the girls were happy to run across the beach looking for mermaids and to try to touch the sky with their swords. Had I asked them to look at the camera and smile... I don't like to imagine the consequences.

Some vital statistics:

Photographer: Margaret Clift McNulty
Creative Director: Beth Cameron
Props: Neil Cameron
Model Manager: Janet Jones
Models: Cora, Imogen (and nearly Ellie)

Equation for a successful shoot:

30 smiles - (3 bouts of tears + 3 grazed knees) x 3 hot chocolates + lots of cuddles = Little Girl Pirate photoshoot.

Here are some behind the scenes pictures from the shoot:

Cap'n Imogen (of Wardrobe fame) gets into the Pirate spirit.

"Jump! Jump!" Cora and Imogen work on staying warm between shots.

"I don't want to be a pirate!" having ducked out of being an official model in the shoot, our mischievous model Ellie feels much cheerier. Being cuddled up to her mummy is far better option.

The lovely Will pops by to check on the girls and partakes of a bit of pirate banter.

Imogen is on the lookout for any scurvy knaves who might be interrupting out photoshoot on Portobello's promenade.

Mmmmm some thick Spanish hot chocolate courtesy of the Imogen's Wardrobe kitchen helps our chilly models to warm right up. Luckily Beth, who was styling the shoot had the forethought to remove the dresses!

Woe is me! Not another picture! I want to get on with playing... and with eating that pink cake I was promised!

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