Monday, 5 July 2010

From the personal collection

A little showcase of some of the pictures from my personal collection, exploring Scotland with my family. These images were taken on a very windswept Kintyre Peninsula and at Kilmartin, the birthplace of the Kingdom of Alba. The light on the Kintyre Peninsula is wonderfully ethereal and a wander round the ancient sites in the nearby area confirmed the feeling of magic in the air (though my daughter just wanted to see the sheep!). Watching the sunset across the Atlantic Ocean turning the white foam pink made for a perfect birthday weekend.

As I have posted before this type of "recreational" photography is a big source of inspiration for my wedding portraiture, helping me to see creative settings and to play with different effects. My absolute favourite is the picture of Cora running into the sea with the storm clouds looming - she is as fearless as a mermaid!

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