Wednesday, 16 June 2010

A face for urban space

I wanted to share a couple of images from a recent informal photoshoot with Stephen Witherford, one of the founder members of Witherford Watson Mann Architects. Steve wanted some new profile pictures for use in editorials etc. We explored variations in expression, angle and posture to inspire different perceptions in the viewer. In one of the images below Steve is laughing and engaging directly with the camera, capturing a sense of his enthusiasm and approachability. In the other he is looking into the distance, and his expression is more preoccupied, as though he is envisioning his next design.

The pictures were shot in natural early evening sunlight, which gave a rich golden glow to Steve’s skin tones. Even when converted to black and white I think the warmth of the light still comes through in the pictures.

Witherford Watson Mann Architects were founded in 2001 with a commitment to explore how architecture can explore social engagement. Their projects include the Amnesty international UK Headquarters and the Whitechapel Gallery extension.

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