Sunday, 28 February 2010

Gilly & Sam - Engagement!

Congratulations to Gilly and Sam, who will be getting married in Manchester on 9 April this year. It will be an honour and a privilege to be wedding photography at their wedding - I am looking forward to it so much! The wedding is a real reflection of their personalities - understated, elegant and sophisticated. I am keen for the photography on the day to reflect that, so we had a wander around Manchester together to explore ideas and try out some interesting locations. Manchester is stuffed full of iconic architecture, but how to include those visual references to their location and still capture the emotion?

We explored Albert Square, with the magnificent arches of the townhall as a strong frame, but I was more taken with the fountain in the corner of the square. Images taken there have the potential to evoke black and white films set in Italy - films like La Dolce Vita or Roman Holiday. I liked the strong graphic shape of the windows of Kendals too, which tells the story of a city built on commerce. In April they will be softened by the cherry trees starting to bloom and I think that could look wonderful.

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