Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Natural Light Wedding Photography - Louisa

, originally uploaded by Margaret (Degserella).

The third of the series of bridal portraits of Louisa Anderson nee Wilkinson lit by window light. I love the way the light pools around her. The image was shot on a stone staircase at The University of Manchester and is entirely lit by natural light, diffused through pale-coloured stained glass.

When photographing a wedding I like to produce a mixture of formal and candid shots. The majority of the shots will be shot in colour and processed through Lightroom to optimise contrast and to ensure perfect white balance. Certain images are selected for black and white conversion. Selected images are then opened in Photoshop, with one or two portraits further processed to enhance their impact and artistic qualities. The bridal portraits here are good examples of that process.

The image was post processed in Lightroom and then Photoshop. The process included desaturation, addition of texture and manipulation of layers using the screen and overlay modes. some cloning out was required, where a lightshade protruded into the background.

To see the full wedding go to Cocoa Rose Boutique Wedding Photography my website for Edinburgh wedding photography.

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